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Why "Gig Collections" Instead of "Social Share" Exchanges?


I was just thinking, why do people do gig collection exchanges instead of social share exchanges? Wouldn’t it be more helpful and profitable if people socially shared interesting gigs instead of just collecting them? Personally, I only collect and/or share gigs that I like and plan on buying. My intentions are NOT to exploit the system, I’m just curious why people rather collect something in a collection that may not get seen, verses sharing a gig with their friends and/or followers which could possibly generate sales (if their list is real).


I actually thought about this also and it didn’t make much sense to me until recently I was looking at one of my gigs and saw where it says the number of people who have collected your gig “collected this gig”, then I went to a top seller’s page who has tons of reviews and saw they also had tons of people who had collected their gigs. After that I began to think that buyers (and myself when buying) look at those reviews and how many have collected your gig. It means it’s more popular and potentially be more enticing for the buyer to go ahead and push that “purchase” button.

Sidenote - I need to get my social side together with fiverr so I can connect more, same names etc. and get more business.


I’m not a big fan of releasing and spamming stuff I do on Fiverr over my social networks. That would be my reasons as to why I would not do it.


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Reply to @rossonomous: Yeah I’m the same way. I don’t even share my own gigs on my personal or music pages, unless I have a sales page for it. I have one username that I use for fiverr and its because I’m using the domain name to promote other people’s fiverr gigs. I was just wondering why people do use the social buttons.