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Why Gig DENIED by Fiverr (I have tried to maintain all of the terms.)

A few days ago I created a Gig and afterwords I promote my gis on social media. Then I see I got Click and Views of that gig but the gig didn’t get any Impressions and I don’t even find my gig on the search result. I checked in every way I can. but’s it’s not showing. It was absolutely okay when I created this gig this is not my first gig either. But right now I got the mail from Fiverr.
Your gig was denied by our Trust and Safety Team because these types of services are no longer allowed to be offered on Fiverr.
Now my gig on the DENIED section.
Can anybody explain what’s the reason?


What did you try to offer? (even they gave you the reason tho)

This was my Service
Gig Title: I Will Design Wordpress Website Using Divi Theme
Gig Link:

Maybe it was bug, maybe they forbid creation website with divi theme (or any theme). You might want to contact support about it tho.

Yea. I did. but I saw there is a lot of gig similar me have on the Fiverr. I really don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Support will tell you if anything is wrong about it. If others are offering that, it might be that they didn’t block that gigs yet. But, it might be just bug, or they accidentally block your gig. Sometimes it happens. Not so long ago, some seller had blocked gig and he contacted support about it. After that, gig was restored.

1 Like or use the help form on the bottom of the page. This is a question for CS, possibly it is a false alert, maybe there is a copyright issue or something… Support will know :))

Best of luck there friend!

what’s that divi theme a wordpress theme ? Is it free or do you need to purchase it ? Did you have right to use it or can you prove that you have rights to use it ?

Hi @cre8iveartwork
Yes, It’s a WordPress theme. One of the best theme on the market. Yes, I purchased it and I know how to use it.

I was talking about … something else. Purchasing the theme doesn’t mean that you also have the rights to share it with others

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Well. Then how they do on the market.

that’s strictly their problem … it only means that they were not caught until now that’s all … I might be wrong though … best thing to do is talk with support about it


Yes dear, I already sent an email. I am waiting what they want to explain me. By the way thanks.