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Why Gig denied?

Why fiverr denied any gig? Today i open and edit my running gig. After saving my gig, it was pending and then denied. I want your suggestion why is it happened.

My first clue was maybe your gig description was very badly written. To the point where it would have confused the buyers.

Same as this post. It is very hard to understand. I’m not even sure “I” understand it.

I’m guessing English is not your first language.

But, since Fiverr is populated by people speaking English I would recommend getting someone to edit your gigs and posts before putting them (Or trying) up.

I’m sure there are lots of people on the Forums that may help correct your English.

If a gig is to hard to understand it will not be approved.

Aside from that. If your gig breaks the TOS it would not be approved either.

One of my gig get denied too after i edit one of it’s tag. I posted the gig before one month and did few jobs too. Now they have sent me a email and respond to my customer support request and saying that they have noticed my gig is in the wrong category which is not. I didn’t even change the category of my gig. Please help!