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Why Gig Description Limit must be increased

!200 Characters for Gig Description is not enough. Some of us are good writers and can clearly provide step by scenerios for buyers. 1200 max Characters hinders that.

Have you ever written your Gig description on your computer. Paste the content into fiverr, only to have to go through your gig description again to rewrite it. Because it was aver 1200 characters.

With Fiverr’s content parsing that avoids KeyWord misuse , I think this will be even better for SEO reasons.

What is the right way to make this a reality? Who do I need to ask about this?

In other news,

Let’s commend Fiverr for some of the amazing changes we are seeing here. Gig Packages is a great thing. I love it.


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Yaay! Good to see you again. Where have you been. You were like a mentor to me here.

You can come back now. You are not stuck at $5 , you can create packages and charge as you see fit.

You really laid everything out well and simple. I hope they’ll see this and possibly contact you. You were amazing and helpful around here . You showed me around :slight_smile: a couple of times.

These shouldn’t deter you. Some will get fixed with time, others probably will never get fixed. Just the cost of doing business for sellers on Fiverr. I personally find 20% to be too rich a cut. Won’t deter me though.

I have ditched 2 other freelancing sites as a result of sponsored gigs being introduced.
In theory sponsored gigs could work if done correctly, sadly no freelancing site has got it right yet.