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Why Gig doesn't show

Hi there,
I am working on this platform around 1.5 years. Three (3) months ago I was editing my Gig. After editing my Gig still now Fiverr does not show it any searching result.
Here is link of my Gig:
Please give me a solution.
Thanks in advance.

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this can be for many reasons, you might have moved really far down the pages, fiverr might have your gig in pending status. So there is a way to check this, Click on your profile image on top, and then click on Help and Support, and scroll down and click Seller Help Center, then scroll down and click Contact US, then select Gig from the drop down menu, then select My Gig Doesnt Appear in Search Results, then select the gig you want to check. Then the system will check your gig and tell you if the gig is active or pending, if its pending then fiverr is reviewing it, you can open a case and ask what is going on with it… Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot…Bro :slightly_smiling_face:

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you welcome. take care and good luck

Is there any chance to get back denied Gig?

Im not sure about that, open a case with fiverr and ask them that question.

@pedrito2387 i follow your step i found my all of gig active but only one gig i have a problem it’s show nothing when i select this gig but rest of gig show active

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