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Why gig impression is getting down

Hi, I am Lipu. I am new at Fiverr, my gig impression and click is getting down.
how can I do?


Make sure your gig cover image is relevant to your service and attractive.
Try to send daily 10 offers.


I think you can everyday stay 12/16 hours at fiverr. Share your gig social media.

Why gig impression down?

  1. Not stay regular
  2. No share your gig
  3. Not perfect buyer request
  4. Canceled buyer order
  5. Response rate ( 5/6 hours)
    May be this is the point

I hope That’s the right reason. Thanks :grinning:

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anyone notice ratings take long to adjust?

Why? What data do you have to support your theorem?

There is no reason to sit in front of a computer or be tied to your phone 12 to 16 hours a day.

I swear, some people here have no family or life.


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That’s a little unkind - it may in fact be the case, but it may not be through choice.

It is not unkind. What is unkind is advising people to sit in front of a computer for more than half a day waiting for what? What is unkind is ignoring your mental health, your children and spouse. If you don’t have the latter 2 - sitting around for literally hours is going to depress you at some point if you do not get an order. People need to have a life outside of work.

Everyone has choices in life. Those who have a well rounded life, tend to be happier and more successful. Those sitting in front of a computer all day long for 16 or more hours lamenting that they cannot get an order are miserable.

99% of the orders I get happen when I am offline and no where near my computer. It has been this way since I started here in 2013.



You’ve missed my point I’m afraid - some people don’t have any family left. You can’t choose to bring relatives back to life who’ve passed away, no matter how nice an idea it sounds.

The rest of your points are fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

my situation is also same , gig impression 300-400 click 8/9

As you missed MY point. I did mention IF the person did not have the 2 other things - children or a spouse or I suppose family - that they STILL need to be healthy - mentally and physically. Sitting in front of a computer for 16 + hours a day is NOT healthy. Especially if they are sitting there becoming more frustrated or depressed because they are not getting orders, clicks, messages or buyer’s requests. It works much like the saying, “A watched pot never boils”. So, if one is sitting there waiting and refreshing the page to “appear” online - (which can also get you into trouble here) at some point, if nothing occurs, they are going to let it mess with their head.

I think perhaps you took my remarks a little too personally - especially if it is you who has no living family left. If that is the case, I am sorry to hear that.


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As I am facing the same kind of issue!
I would recommend you to do social media marketing regarding your specific services:)
That can help you for bringing some good clients and impressions will improve:D
Best of luck!

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same think with me :cry:

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yeah bro you are right

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I don’t think that @logovideosuk missed your point, they simply pointed out the part that could hurt some people because they lost their families. @logovideosuk never said that people should stay glued to their computers and desperately wait for an order.

You could’ve made your point without mentioning not having family or life, especially now, with the pandemic and all. I understand it’s just a phrase, but these days, that phrase could unnecessarily hurt some people.


exactly you are giving such a good advice it also helps me a lot thank you so much

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thank you for sharing valuable opinion