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Why gig impression not grow up than my gig view?

Hello dear fiverr experienced people.
I have some problem in my fiverr profile : 1st in search bar if somebody search my user name my profile is not show.
2nd my gig impression not more than only 10 after I online in 24 hours.
what is the problem of my gig? why my gig impression not increase ?
please help me with your valuable suggestion.
My profile:
Thank you.

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It does - I found it when I used ‘search for usernames containing designw24’ - yours was the first one on the page.

There’s no relationship between you being online and the number of impressions your gig gets. Also, gig stats are delayed, so aren’t updated as they happen.


thank you. Can you tell me how gig impression work.?


Here’s an explanation of how it works: