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Why Gig is not searchable even i have 5 stars reviews

Before I got all orders from buyer request as my gig was not searchable.
Due to some personnel issues one month before i was away from fiverr. I have two orders in that time.

late response buyers cancel order and give me low rating.
I Deleted one of gig as buyer left bad rating. later on request 2nd buyer to remove bad rating as it was some trouble in family/ that was unable to deliver. He agreed and remove bad rating.

But overall rating still same means 80%. I also contact fiverr support they help me and remove low rating from specific gig. but overall rating not 5 star.

so now I have problem my gig are not searchable and I am also unable to give offer from buyer request…

Showing up in search results has nothing to do with your rating. The reason could be that what you’re offering is outside Fiverr’s editorial focus. For example, there are services that aren’t quite against a third party’s terms of service but are known to be frequently fraudulent or create a large volume of customer support tickets, then Fiverr will hide them from search results. And so on. shrugs I don’t know what else to say. Keep on swimming?