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Why gig not ranking after vaccation mode?

For Super cyclone ‘amfan’ our country’s electricity was totally damaged for more than 10 days. In this sisutation and without thought anything I was gone to vacation mode. After vacation mode I can not found my gig but before vacation it was second pages in my keyword. And my all gig loose ranking . Please help me . What can I do now?
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same problem i face @mithun3331

What is the main problem?

You went on vacation mode, same is out of office mode, it takes month or two to get back to previous state. They gave your spot to someone else and he is not going to give it back to you in next two months.

Not for everyone. I usually had no problem getting back to the same spot right away after coming from out of office mode.

Right now I can’t find my gigs in search, so it might be the same issue for OP too.

I can’t find my gig in search for like more than 2 months. I’m getting orders from regular buyers on daily basis. All are rated 5 stars, my stats are all 100.

Is it a Fiverr bug? Fiverr says sellers who are doing better than you are above you in search. However, I can’t even locate my gig using title.

My gig is searchable only after applying filters i.e. local seller, level 2 seller, online seller etc.

What to do? Already updated tags and description.

But your recent delivery was one hour ago, it means you are still getting order.

Check last page :slight_smile: Many Sellers gigs are on last page even mine also

Just because I deliver orders that doesn’t mean I can be found in search. There may be older orders, lol :slight_smile:

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So sorry, just curious when you said your gig not in search and you just delivered an order

Because you can’t find it while searching despite being active.

I didn’t complain about orders. I just said that my gigs, not just one, are all removed from search. Not sure what problems you have with older deliveries, when that’s not connected

@donnovan86 Same here, I can’t find all my gigs in search even if I copy the gig title word for word in the search, it won’t show up… Only if I filter to, online seller, and my country, there I will see my gigs at the bottom of the page with gigs with 1 or no reviews
of other sellers at the top…

your all gigs are on last page so last page gigs rarely come up in searches

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Yea… you’re right… but I’m not waiting for the algorithm anymore, Man must eat… I ave been getting some orders via buyer request section, and I’m enjoying it… I’m currently working on one BIG (Bigger than my premium charges) project that I got via BR (logo)…

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