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Why gigs impressions and click goes down in these day?

Hi, Have a Nice Day All Of You!

Anyone can tell me this thing
bcz in these days, impressions or clicks are down day by day & don’t get any order!
Tell Me please how can i improve my gigs impressions or clicks?



I am also facing the same problem😞

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try tp update your keywords, that just gave me a huge boost of 800 impressions! I already had that specific keyword included in my gig text, but I just tried putting it as one of the 5 keywords additionally and yeah, wonders happend :smiley:


I am also facing the same problem.

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After editing gig…800 impression :anguished:


yeah, i couldnt believe this would have such a major effect! :slight_smile:
impressions now dropped again just bc my queue is full


I am also facing the same problem😞

Tell me what you Edit in GIG’s, give me a brief idea?

:zipper_mouth_face: :roll_eyes: :mask: :open_mouth:

but I was told that editing your gig has negative effects

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i have different experiences as you can see

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Facing the same issue.

You are lucky dear​:heart: All the best :+1:

thank you so much, i wish you al the best too :slight_smile:

I want to edit the mistake that I made in working hours and descriptions. And also want to edit my Gig Thumbnail😞

So sad !! same here :roll_eyes:

IDK why but I’m facing this same situation

I am also facing the same problem

Tell Me anyone Please .
How can we fix this Problem ?