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Why gigs impressions and click goes down?

we all see this problem again and again with my experience on fiverr i daily spent 7 to 8 hours on fiver in regular routine and my gigs click/impressions on day 1 are zero 0 after spending some time i see my gigs impressions/clicks going up and up with 60 to 100 impressions daily and after 30 days with regular routine of getting online on my fiverr acount one day guests came to my house and i will not be able to get online on fiver for only two days and after that i see that my impressions/clicks are getting down so guys after that experience i think you all have to spent more time on fiverr to get your first order"

i hope that topic will help you to get some more concentrate on fiverr"

remind me in your prayers"

thanks regards: “Asad aziz”


i think you have to talk to fiverr support team they will help you much better about your gigs problem because thats some next level problem.

thanks regard “Asad aziz”


Thanks for your advice @asad00012

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Thank you sir. Very helpful content…

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Yes it’s true I can feel the change when I’m spending more time on Fiverr the gigs impression going up.

@asad00012 Try to update your gigs. Change your tags and try to write more attractive description. Whenever impressions/clicks go down, it means you need to update gig data.

Don’t mind, but it should be Remember!!! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your hidden tips.

check your tag and gig tittle

Very informative post…For increasing our impression we need to change our tag by keyword research
and we can be social media marketing so that viewers can click my gig.

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After editing my gig impression goes down…Is there any possibility of increasing the impression?

You need to write accurate data in your gig. Sometimes we assume that this tag will help but it don’t. We need to select right data. And gig thumbnail is most important.

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Oh now i understand why my impression was going down.

i think after editing a gig can reduce impression and click,So create new one


It’s absolutely right :slight_smile:


Thanks for this info. It’s a great tip. For getting first sale have to be online 24x7. I will follow it strictly . All the best brother :blush::+1:t3:

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Thank you…its very useful information for me :slightly_smiling_face:


If I open a new gig, will the impression of other gigs get worse?


No, it doesn’t effects other gigs’ impressions.


thanks @lily_graphic

thanks… @afrinprima