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Why gigs impressions goes down?


Hi, Folks,
I am little worry that my gigs impressions go down. any suggestion to bring the impress to up?


Sure. You can improve you gig, and make it more visually attractive so that potential buyers see it when they look at the marketplace pages your gigs show up on.

You can also market and promote your services to the target customers who need what you have to offer. As a freelancer, it is YOUR responsibility to reach out to your customers, show them what you can do for them, and convince them to hire you.


best place to increase the impression on the gig?


Send 10 buyer request everyday with proper way on your skill. 24/7 hour active on Fiverr. You can use Fiverr mobile App. Share your gig various social media and active Fiverr forum.

Happy Fiverr :heart_eyes:


Impressions are only registered within Fiverr, so there is no other “best place” to increase impressions. Impressions are registered when your gig shows up in Fiverr search results, or when someone loads a category page that features your gig.


Now Edit your gigs tag then check your gigs impression I hope u feel day