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Why gig's views are not showing?

Why gig’s views are not showing? Can anyone tell me what’s happened with the gig’s views?


It won’t show unless someone viewed your gig since someone has to see your gig for the impressions and clicks to show a number other than 0.

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As @abhisekneupanesaid, a person needs to view your Gig. However this can range from your gig showing up in the Recommended section, clicking your gig link or is saved by a user which is accessed later.

Clicks and views(impressions) are different from each other.
Clicks are counted if a user sees your Gig in the recommended section and clicked it.
Link clicks and Saved are not yet proven to increase the count for clicks.

If your have a Gig which is a few weeks old and the statistics don’t show up.
Try contacting CS/Custer Support.
or you can troubleshoot this for your self, load your gig link into your browser in private mode
Refresh the statistics, if nothing has changed Have a friend with a Fiverr account do the above steps but this time with out them using private mode on their browser.


It Takes one Day. No problem .
See 1 week then if the problem running you can contact on Fiverr.

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You are right but the view section is not showing. Please see the attached screenshot.
Thanks to all

Thanks to all


Views are impressions, since impressions basically mean someone who viewed your gig in Fiverr

You didn’t understand. I’m trying to say that the views column is missing.

Oh, i don’t know then since i don’t have it either

your suggestion in very helpful for me. thank you so much

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There is a problem with this at the moment.

See this post: A bug in Gig Performance?


Thank you so much for your help.

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Thank you so much. Your advice is very helpful.

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