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Why going in a vacation is a bad idea

After struggling for one month, I started to get orders and I was about to make it through the level 2. I had some regular buyers and was having orders without responding on the ‘buyer requests’.

And then my academic exam came up and I had to leave fiverr for few days, well for two weeks. I was in the vacation mode, notified my regular buyers that I would be back. But that was a bad idea. Within that time may be they have managed to find some other sellers.

So now my last delivery was in two months ago and seems like I am making a bad progress now. Had no orders for the last couple of weeks and I’m not sure whether to start everything from the beginning or should run a SWOT analysis.

People out there are missing a great buying opportunity, that’s for sure.

I would suggest the new sellers not to go into a vacation mode for long unless it’s very important. Make it through the level 2 and things would be easier when you would come back.


I activated vocation mode for the same reason, I was busy with the exams and had no time to design anything. Fortunately, I managed during my vocation mode, I had more than 60 orders completed, all with positive rating and I was active for two months.

I reactivated my account three day ago, my Impressions and clicks seem to go up, I also go a good order yesterday. But today I didn’t.

I have absolutely nothing to lose. I offer great services and all my clients are satisfied. so I’m sure orders are coming in the way.

Note : I saw your services, illustration is a well demanded service especially portrait drawing. you just need to refine you skill a little bit more.

when you put your gig on vacation mood, it will drop down from fiverr search engine! (only my opinion) :slight_smile:

Momentum counts for a lot on Fiverr.

Maybe instead of vacation mode, just max out the days of delivery on all items. That way you will remain active in the Fiverr world but you won’t have to immediately act on jobs.

Although, you would still need a quick copy & paste response to any inbox messages.

Just a thought?

Also, you can pause jobs. Maybe that’s even better!

xoxo Meghan

Writer/Virtual Assistant

Reply to @sara1984: indeed

Reply to @meghanlynnallen: buyers won’t like the idea of ‘max out the days of delivery’ i assume… but this is the best opportunity, you are right (y)

Reply to @rachidhue: oh…thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: I’ll…

Reply to @logo_desing: it does :frowning: