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Why google and facebook are no longer your best traffic sources!

If you are promoting anything related to weight loss, make money offers, Sex, Dating, Gambling or MLM on Facebook or Google , your ads won’t be approved and worse is that your account will get banned PERMANENTLY. If your niche lies among those listed , then you had pay close attention to what i have to offer.

Ever since google has started acting like a primadonna

I have been looking for the best traffic source that would

yield just as high profits and conversions that google once


And I have found it. Its been there the entire time staring me

in the face…Stay away from article marketing, SEO, google ads as they

either don’t work anymore or are just way too strict.

the traffic sources here deal with pay per view which has its own advantages if utilized properly.

who said they are not ?

google search is very very important… without them we wont get any conversions

yeah google search, but google ads will not allow most peoples adverts likewise facebook.

another happy buyer,do allow traffic like this to pass you buy