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Why has it been some set of people in Transcription services always on the first page all year round

Please I have been on fiverr here a long while and I have noticed in my TRANSCRIPTION SERVICE CATEGORY, is just some set of individuals always on the first page all year round and they are the only once making sale’s, please I mean know offense but it seems that the people controlling the gig rankings placement of pages in Transcription services category are of ********** , ********** and ********** , and if you are very observant the same set of individuals are there on the first two pages all year round and they alone are making sale’s WHY PLEASE ? :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: .

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If you think the sellers on the first pages are mostly from certain places, it could be partly because there are lot more gigs from people from there in that category. So that could increase the chances that sellers from there would be on the first 2 pages, especially if those sellers were consistently delivering orders and their stats the algorithm checks are high enough.

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Also, some of them may have the “Promoted Gigs” feature which is in beta now.



When you consider there are only a few million freelancers here on Fiverr, and there are going to be some countries with a high percentage of Sellers, the law of averages dictates that you will probably see the type of results you speak of.

Here’s something to consider: one of my Gigs (the last time I looked) was on Page 12 or 13.

I received three orders last week.

I KNOW I’m not on Page One.

My point?

It doesn’t matter where you show up on the Fiverr search pages.

What matters is that when someone finds you, you provide them with the best quality product possible.

Then maybe they’ll come back to you again…and again.


Though if you show up in one of the later pages there’s less chance they’ll find you and if you would have showed up at page 22 there’s no chance they’ll find you by just paging through the list because it normally stops around page 21.

You’re right. Like I said, there are a lot from some countries so that would give an increased likelyhood that there’d be a higher percentage of them on the first pages compared to other countries.

Though some countries seem to sell more than others there.
eg. in the recommended sort (which has the most), 9.64% are from country X and 15.88% are from country Y. In the “best selling” sort, 32% are from country X. So they seem to be >3 times as likely to get in the best seller sort compared to their percentage in the category overall. So maybe they are just good at selling in that category and/or maybe promote more too.

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However, you and I seem to be making the same point here.

You don’t need to be on Page One to get work on Fiverr.

That could be a nifty little promo tag…

“Join Fiverr…where you don’t have to be on Page One to make money as a freelancer!”