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Why has my rating gone down?

My very high rated, 2000 + satisfied customers has just gone down to a 99% rating and I cannot figure out why!!! I haven’t had any bad reviews since I started over a year ago… and the 3 thumbs down I got should totally be canceled out by the 2000 other reviews.

Please help!!! I’ve been looking through the forum for an answer. is the gig

I’ve been hit by that, too. I’m thinking it’s a new feature.

Same here… I found it kind of odd… but who knows with Fiverr these days. :frowning:

Have you written to customer service? That sounds like a mistake that should be corrected.

Seems like a new feature. I’ve seen sellers with 10,000+ thumbs up and only 1 thumb down but the gig says 99%.

This is totally new and I’ve seen this only this week. It makes sense though. I mean, 100% - 0.14749262536873156% from those 3 thumbs down = 99.85250737463127%. Correct me if I’m wrong. :smiley:

In fact the gig does have 99% positive rating. So Fiverr is just being accurate now (I believe).

Anyway, your gig seems to be back to 100%, so I’m not sure if this is part of a new feature or just a bug. Some of my gigs are experiencing the same thing (one of them is now back to 100%).