Why has my rating gone down?


My very high rated, 2000 + satisfied customers has just gone down to a 99% rating and I cannot figure out why!!! I haven’t had any bad reviews since I started over a year ago… and the 3 thumbs down I got should totally be canceled out by the 2000 other reviews.

Please help!!! I’ve been looking through the forum for an answer.

http://www.fiverr.com/kiffinyjean/record-a-100-word-professional-female-voiceover is the gig


I’ve been hit by that, too. I’m thinking it’s a new feature.


Same here… I found it kind of odd… but who knows with Fiverr these days. :frowning:


Have you written to customer service? That sounds like a mistake that should be corrected.


Seems like a new feature. I’ve seen sellers with 10,000+ thumbs up and only 1 thumb down but the gig says 99%.

This is totally new and I’ve seen this only this week. It makes sense though. I mean, 100% - 0.14749262536873156% from those 3 thumbs down = 99.85250737463127%. Correct me if I’m wrong. :smiley:

In fact the gig does have 99% positive rating. So Fiverr is just being accurate now (I believe).

Anyway, your gig seems to be back to 100%, so I’m not sure if this is part of a new feature or just a bug. Some of my gigs are experiencing the same thing (one of them is now back to 100%).