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Why has no fiverr support team member answered the request I submitted with Them

I submitted a request about the problem am having with a fraudulent seller since 15 Oct, But no one has cared to send my a reply since then.
Please I need help.

Did you ask for a refund from the seller? At least that way you can feel safe that the money you’ve invested didn’t go to the wrong hands. As for the Fiverr Support Team, there are times that take a while to reply. You can always submit a follow up ticket to the original request you’ve made… :slight_smile:

I haven’t approved the order delivery and I requested for cancellation at the resolution center but the seller keeps declining mutual cancellation.
Yes I added a follow up ticket but still no reply for each of them. The seller is just waiting for the time to elapse so that he can claim the money.

Hi there…
Re send this message… Who knows, the message may have been lost… I never had a problem with customer support… Meanwhile don’t cancel the order and leave it . Each order has a deadline. If the seller won’t meet the deadline he automatically gets a bad review + you get your money back .