Why have a gig if you dont want to do it?


It beats me why people have ‘live’ gigs up and running and when you contact them if they would do what you need to them to do (I even offer much extra $$$) they say no they are too busy with other stuff.

What a waste of my time!

Then I had one guy agree, and he started, but couldn’t finish it… I still paid him some money as he did do some of it and he returned what he done…

I have data entry for someone to do, and most people are offering $5 for 3 hours. Due to what I need done (its not complicated) Copy and Paste work, I assume it will take maybe 6-8 hours, I am of course willing to pay much more for the effort and if it is done properly.

But it seems people get bored with Data Entry (as I do, hence why I want to pay someone else) But I figured I will find someone on Fiverr who has a gig to complete Data Entry… But everyone I contact, says they are too busy!!!

Gee Wiz, If you dont have time for your fiverr gigs, place them on Pause OR remove them and stop wasting people their time. I just need someone who is serious.



I would have to agree with Genivive (Love the name btw). Better to have someone say they aren’t prepared to take your work due to an overload of other work than to simply accept the work and not have the time to complete it to your satisfaction. Obviously, people post their work here and LEAVE it here because once they ARE finished with a product, they’ll be up and running for another. It wouldn’t make much sense to take it off then put it back up again. That would be redundant and time consuming. As a business owner (I’m assuming you are since you are trying to find someone to do some data entry), you would understand…time is money. :slight_smile:


With all due respect, but I fail to see what is the problem here. You send a message to have a gig done…the ‘gig doer’ says they will be unable to complete it since they are busy. That seems simple enough. Would you have preferred they accept the gig and then cannot complete it? One has to be cognizant of the fact that many Fiverr sellers actually have regular jobs or businesses and Fiverr is done as a side gig or hobby. If actually work is required for a gig (as opposed to a gig where the seller merely sends an electronic file of something that is sold over and over again), then such sellers will actually be too busy to accept new gigs. You may spend all your time on Fiverr, but some sellers don’t. Be gracious enough to recognize that a seller is being upfront and honest with you when they cannot take your order.