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Why have a private profile?

Not a criticism for those that do, people can do what makes them happy, it’s just a sincere question!

You can easily find someone on fiver platform by using google and their username that’s available here so it doesn’t prevent people from finding you if they’re so inclined.

So, why hide your post / contribution history from the forum? Especially if you regularly contribute valuable help?

My knowledge is weak on social media in general and I fear I’m missing something important. I’m wondering if I should be doing the same! Can I be burned for not being private? What’s the downside of public vs the upside of private?



Easy for you, not so easy for others.

People who regularly post on the forum are far more likely to receive spam on the main site. Plz help. Gimme sales. Be my mentor. Answer this. Answer that. And so on. However, the desperate meksells most likely to send such spam are often lazy and entitled and less likely to be able to figure out how to find someone on the main site if there isn’t a direct link for them to click on.

Spam. And you have to respond to it or your response rate drops, plus, if you get the said spam while you’re sleeping and, like every normal person, have zero wish to interrupt your sleep to respond to spam, your average response time increases.


Gotcha. Re spam that makes perfect sense. Supposed I’m shocked that people do it, but after seeing some forum activity I shouldn’t be surprised.

But I do still think anyone can still type a username + Fiverr into google (access to google permitting). I don’t know why it’s easy for me and not for others.


They can. But those who create gimme tips and tricks to get rich overnight topics are far less likely to do it. Too much work, and they want handouts and sympathy.