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Why have I got this message? Have I done something wrong?

I got this little message under a text I sent.
(I do voiceovers and I told a buyer I couldn’t communicate outside of fiverr and he was cool with it. It was a particularly large order, and he said something along the lives of maybe we can work together for a smaller project.)
I replied with this message. Have I said something that may violate Fiverr’s ToS?


To be honest i suppose that was a scammer, and your message maybe got flagged because the Fiverr algorithm detected that you wrote “outside of fiverr”.
You did the right thing don’t worry.
If you want to be 100% sure contact the Fiverr support.


Unfortunately the bot and people who manage this don’t seem to understand context. Even if you say you won’t do something, if that phrase is there, they’ll likely take action.


You haven’t, no need to worry. Next time, don’t say “Cannot contact outside of Fiverr” but something like “Any communication has to be on the Fiverr platform.”

“outside of fiverr” will have triggered the system. It doesn’t really matter because a human being checks it and approves it when the context you used that trigger wording in is okay, as you see, but you can avoid your message being held for reviewing (and thus the person you communicate with not seeing it until approval) by not using terms like “outside of fiverr”. It’s a bit silly but it is what it is.


I always write:

“I can’t use or provide any personal information for contact. Every message must be sent here, at Fiverr platform”

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Ah right, thank you. I guess he could be, but I turned it down anyway so no worries.

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Thanks, I will use slightly different phrases next time.

Yeah, I have heard of these bots before. Thanks a lot.

Thanks. I’ll definitely use this one next time.

Just like targeted keywords for making your gig visible in the right platforms, I guess the fiverr bot is also based upon that same algorithm (detecting only words not phrases or context) for making people’s lives difficult :joy::joy:
Just Saying :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I have sent at least 10 messages like that :upside_down_face: many buyers are asking me to communicate outside Fiverr.