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Why have i not been making sales for a long time now?

It has been months now and I have not received an order from any buyer. At first I thought this could be pinned down to poor gigs descriptions but they are in good shape.

I am a level one seller and I did not envisaged sales to take this turn at this level. Please, for those that having a field day on Fiverr, how do I go about improving sales?


The first thing I immediately notice is that all of your gigs are based around writing. That’s fine, but Fiverr tends to throttle the amount of traffic going to gigs that share a lot of key words since they’re wise to people trying to manipulate the algorithm. (Speaking about the people who create gigs like “will create amazing logo,” “will create professional logo,” “will create beautiful logo,” etc.)

Instead of having four gigs as you do now, I would narrow it down to two gigs that offer a wider scope of writing-based services. (Example: Two gigs that read as “I will write x, y, and z” and “I will create a professional business plan” respectively so you can stop tripping the throttle algorithm.) You stand to lose traffic for about 24 hours while the new changes take effect, but optimization counts for a lot when trying to make sales.

It’s also worth noting that we’re getting into the summer now. People tend to be off on their vacations with their families, so less business-oriented things are taking place.

If nothing else, it’s the perfect time to optimize and be patient. :slight_smile:


Good advice and perspective.

Hi tinker_jet, thanks a bunch for the pointer.

Fiverr is a store and Gig is of your store product…Now what you should do ,represent your product professionally to your customers…

  • Spend more time on fiver

  • Specialized your skill

  • Maintain professional gigs

  • Customer satisfaction is No 01. goal

  • Be positive! Stay positive!

  • Send buyer requests

  • keep your avg. response time in 1 hrs

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Below some tips from this forum:

  1. Stay online as much as possible as you are new seller
  2. Make gig title short but attractive and thumbnail image eye-catchy
  3. Write the appropriate message When you send buyer request. Make it short and smart.

Though I am also new seller here but got these tips from this forum. I love the forum as it is too much helpful. Happy freelancing :slight_smile:

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Sk_sajib thanks for the tips

Merajul_asiff thanks a bunch.