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Why Have I Not Made Any Sale? Help!


Why haven’t I made any sale ever since I launched my gigs two weeks ago …I need buyers…Pease help…

here are my gigs:


Do you sent offers to buyer requests daily? That helps a lot. Also try to promote your gigs on Social Media platforms which will increase your gig’s impressions then your gig will be more likely to be sold.


Actually, that advice is outdated. Fiverr did encourage new sellers to do that a few years ago, but now, if your friends or family members order from you and leave a review, it’s review manipulation. They can order if they really need your service, but they shouldn’t leave a review.


Thanks you all for your advice…I hope a make lots of sales soon…Fiverr is hyped by people who claim that one can easily make money with fiverr…But making money with fiverr is not as easy as people say


Hi! I think you should review your gig description. I only looked at the first one and it seems you need to focus more on what your service provides than the conversation you’d like to have with people. OF COURSE it’s important to show yourself as a kind, professional seller but you should display this through your messages sent to clients and eventually your reviews will show how great of a person you are to work with. Maybe say a few lines on your work ethic and then delve into the kinds of services you provide. Right now your services a very basic (there are thousands of sellers with the same offers), I suggest you spice up your services and find a way to sound like your offering something totally unique compared to all the others here. Hope this helps, and good luck!


@diasy13 There is no way to differentiate one’s service from other because Fiverr gave everyone the same pricing table to use in their gig’s description. . So one is limited in what they can put in their gig’s description…


I wasn’t referring to the pricing table… I was referring to the description where you describe what your service is in the ‘about gig’ section…there is a word count limit (1,200 characters) but thats about it, you can put whatever you want in the description.


@diasy13…You have got to be kidding…You know the gigs do not pay much and you cannot overpromise if you’re offering WordPress installation because WordPress installation involves

  1. creating a database
  2. uploading WordPress files
  3. uploading a theme and plugins

There is nothing else to add to the WordPress installation process…You can purchase my wordpress installation gig and you will see what I am talking about


Yikes! This is your response when someone tries to help you out? Even if you do not agree or wish to use their advice, it’s still advice none the less. I think I’ll pass… good luck!


@flippaguru Here is a quote of her advice. I don’t know where you found the word promise in here, but I don’t see it. She is saying your description is boring, bland, and that it needs something to catch the eye.

Pretty much the opposite of what your looks like now.


@loganstover everyone is offering the same thing and I know that…Its all because fiverr gave everyone the same template…Please use common sense before you respond…Guess common sense is not common


Wow! Really? I was trying to help, why don’t you check out my 102 5 star reviews and tell me i’m overpromising. Where did I say to overpromise? You should only overpromise if you can overdeliver, which is probably something you cannot do anyways. So much for your description about respecting people. The responses you are giving people right now is the reason you have no orders. Fiverr is not the place for you. Dont come on here looking for adivce if you’re going to be rude.


And boom goes the dynamite.

A) No one (except you) is talking about the requirements of what Wordpress developers are able to use in their set up.
B) You gigs look like they were thrown together. They lack anything at all that would entice a buyer to buy from you.

So let me get this straight. You have 0 sales. You come on the forum to ask for advice. Then when people try to help you, you lash out and say rude things. Good luck there. I am sure you are going to do “just great” around here.

100% on point.


@diasy13 I’m not trying to be rude…I just tell it like it is…


@loganstover @diasy13 like I said I was not trying to be rude…I just say things like it is


@flippaguru, I see you have had your fiverr account since 2015. Did you have the account long before you started selling or is it that you have not had a sale since 2015?


Writing a good gig description=overpromising? Yikes, then all the sellers I’ve been seeing out there with hundreds of good reviews and awesome gig descriptions must be cheating the system somehow!

There is of course a place for detailing technicalities, and it’s not in a sales pitch. You’ve got one chance to impress your customer; you don’t do that by simply listing out the details of your job. You tell them why you’re better than anyone else offering the service. Emphasize your qualifications, your dedication to getting the job done.

If you think that’s overpromising…well, then, I’m not sure what to say. I’m sure buyers would rather go with someone who promises that level of experience and dedication and then delivers.


@somaginer1996 You gave an excellent and detailed response…Thanks a lot…


Its not a joke a lot of sellers on fiverr overpromise on the gigs…I can show you some sellers that overpromise on the gigs


Sorry if this is rude, but you would have to be completely out of touch with your own expertise to overpromise on a simple Wordpress installation…