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Why have my sales slowed since I've made Level 2?

I have over 62 orders created and 100% positive rating. However, since I’ve made Level 2, sales have slowed dramatically. Also, I can’t even find my Gig in the search when I have attempted to find myself to see if I was in the “high rating” section under my gig category. What do I do? Any suggestions?

All your gigs are missing the “when” factor. Buyers want to know when you’ll do what you promise to do. So why not ad “I will do this in 2 days”, or 3 days, or whatever amount of days you feel comfortable doing.

I would also change this gig title, the “when factor” doesn’t apply here:

I will be an ongoing,professional job reference for $5

To this:

I will be your job reference for $5


I will be your professional job reference for $5

That’s a ballsy gig, what will you do if you’re getting 10 orders a day? Can you remember 10 people a day? That is assuming Fiverr doesn’t delete your gig, after all, we’re not supposed to engage personal information, like e-mails. Even if the e-mail was fake, I think you might be violating Fiverr’s rules, so check with customer service.