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Why have orders stopped?

Hi. I started fiverr a couple of months ago. I made the account in 2019 but officially made a gig this year. I got a couple of orders. Good work and all. But I stopped getting them only after a month of work. Why is this happening can someone tell me? What can I do to improve my account?


They stopped because you are waiting for them to come to you automatically.


No problem try to patience and i hope that you will Success

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how should I approach them?

same problem…and I am completely clueless right now

Send offers to buyer request, if fiverr not sending you the buyers.

Your review is only two

there are less orders…fiverr is updating site something is being done…

Same issue here. i have completed 71 orders and 61 reviews with 5star and my overall rating is also 5 but still i am not receiving orders. please guide us.


I am a new Fiverr Member so, I hope everyone member communication with us and help me.