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WHY have some been able to upload videos over 1 1/2 minutes long and I can't?


What’s the deal Fiverr? I can’t upload anything over 30 sec and I’ve found sellers that have a 1 1/2 minutes long promo? Please tell me why. Are they paying for an extra service?


There are also some things have have been grandfathered in.

For example, you used to be able to moderately keyword stuff on the tags by saying say.

email autoresponder, email copywriting, broadcast email. AS three tags.

Today you cannot do that. As long as the gig is never changed in any way, someone who had those tags when allowed can keep them now.


There’s always an excuse for everything. If it’s not because of some automated process, it’s because of some individual having a good/bad day.


Of note is that nearly all TRS’s have videos that are much longer, I’ve seen one that I timed at nearly 5 mins! Now tell me that’s fair? That no oversight!

anarchofighter said: There are also some things have have been grandfathered in.

This being one of them, if they ever change their video they will have to follow the newer guidlines. Which you never want to have an outdated video, so people will keep their videos up to date and you will see less and less of this.

Also, another huge factor is video quality. I tired a upload a video in 1080p and couldn't unless I cut down the length dramatically. Revised it as 720 and didn't have to cut down any valuable video time. :)

That might be the same issue you're having, best of luck to you!