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Why have to struggle all time for sell

I’ve been working over one year in the Fiverr marketplace.
I got my first order after one and half month with 43 buyer request. I thought it’s ok because I am new but next few month I got 3 or 4 order every month by lots of buyer request. I didn’t get any order by buyer messaging. I thought I am level one seller so it’s ok and I also thought that if I will reach level two then I will get buyer message every day and get regular job.
Let me tell you very sorry that I don’t get job regularly or not even every week.
Please give me some tips, how can I improve my sell.

I’m a TRS, and even I don’t get buyer messages every day, and even I don’t get regular jobs :slight_smile:

Actually, the Level doesn’t matter that much when it comes to orders - I’ve seen Level 1 sellers having more orders than other TRSs or PROs and vice-versa.

What matters is what you offer, the demand for such an offer, the quality of the offer, etc.

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More so, Fiverr does NOT give you any guarantees that you’ll have orders - you have to attract the clients, you have to get sales yourself through your own efforts. Don’t just wait for orders, be a Doer :wink:

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Thanks for your advice