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Why haven't I got a single sale?

After creating my unique gig yesterday and getting over 130 views, not a single sale has come in. Any tips to secure buyers?

Average sales ratio is a 1% to 8% for most goods and services. With that in mind, some things to consider.

-Add a video.

-Do research on “focus keywords”, aka see what other gigs are using that seem to bring them in sales. Don’t copy word for word, but you can get some ideas of relevant gigs to yours and see what words they are using and how many sales they seem to get.

-Try different categories as some may be incredibly competitive. Even if the category is a close second, it’s best to be on the first page for the category rather than none at all.

Also note. Traffic counts can be buggy. Also note that those are “impressions” that you are probably referring to. What this means is your gig may have been seen among 20 to 30 others on the same page. If they aren’t clicking into the gig, they may have easily scrolled past your gig. With a video in your gig, you tend to rank better over-all. Best of luck :slight_smile:

Thanks! What is the difference between page views and page clicks?

Reply to @freelancemm: What is the difference between page views and page clicks?


It can take weeks and even months to get your first sale on Fiverr.

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