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Why Hcaptcha all the time to access Fiverr page?

Dear Fiverr Forum, I have faced an access problem during the last two days. When I am trying to click anywhere in Fiverr, it shows “access to this page has been blocked”, and need to use hcaptcha of “I am human”. Try to so many ways to solve it, but I couldn’t.

Please save me.

Do you use an auto refresher?

no, but i did manually refreshing all the time to see the gig position by clicking…

If you refresh the page too quickly that happens.

It happens when something robotic activity detected in your machine! May be some bad extension has been installed in your browser. clear the data, caches or re-install the browser.

How to get rid of that, done off all extension, remove cookies, reinstall… but not working…

All, I do is be careful to click more slowly.

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doing slow click how long it can be minimize?