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Why Help and support solved issue without answer my questions?


I have asked question for Help and support team and they are keep solved the question them self without answer me anything


Hi, is that a problem somehow? You can just message them the problem has been solved so you are closing the ticket (support message) and mark it to be closed.


No my problem is not solved yet , still support team closing tickets


Have you opened multiple tickets? Just send one request and wait for their response. They don’t recommend sending multiple tickets.


Yes i did that but they guys not replying seen long time i am waiting


When you send multiple tickets on the same topic, it slows everything down, not just for you, but for everyone else, too.

Also, CS might see multiple tickets as spam, and just close them all.

EDIT: Is it about this?

If yes, you’re definitely not helping yourself by creating multiple tickets. Just wait for them to answer you, and hope that you won’t get banned.