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Why?/Help Me/Useless [Admin Note: 9/13 combined into one post in Ranting.]

Hi, I know I posted something close to this 2 days ago, but I really need some tips.
I am quite new to this site, like 12 days. And I made gigs from the first day, I even remade them and my profile because i got some tips from you guys, but I still have no luck. I even started sending offers to buyers requests but no luck. What should I do?

you should be patient buddy, it took me around 20 days to get my first sale. I’d suggest you find unique services something that is not offered on fiverr or only few others offers it. Because otherwise no one would pick a fresh seller over a trusted level 2 seller. I have tried it before and this is the best tip anyone would tell you. Do your research. once you have a successful unique gig start making new gigs. I’d suggest to lower your prices to the minimum by offering free extras. I started offering extra fast + source files and many other extras for $5 while other sellers would charge around $30 for all. Now I charge for everything and what was once offered for $5 now costs $25+. You’ll have to put more time and effort at the start but then you will earn more for less time. Good luck!

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Thanks for understanding :wink:

Its okay but you have to wait and send offers to buyers requests.
When you will get first order then you will get permanent order.


Well there is nothing special i can advice you…But before creating gigs, you should research whatever you are offering on fiverr

You should see other sellers who are offering same service, and check how they are offering there service.

Your gig title should be accurate, description and price.

Share your gigs on Social media and with your friends, family and relatives, may be you will get a order from them and they will leave you a good feedback… :slight_smile:

once you will get feedback then there are chances to get more sales…

I hope it will help you…

Thanks for the tips.:slight_smile:

So first off, I started on fiverr 11 days ago, I know is not much but is 11 days.
First day i posted 2 gigs, I thought, maybe someone will hire me.
But meh, they didnt. I checked every single 2 hours of the day. After 1 hour i checked again and again and again. Until someone asked me if I can help her with somethink, It didnt had anything to do with my gigs but yeah. After we spoke a little she said that she found another someone to do it. Even if he was charging more. Because is not his first job. So god **** it. I started giving offers to buyers, But no one cares about my gigs,
I even started putting like , 1500 words to translate for 5 $ For 5 BUCKS. oTHER PEOPLE DID LIKE 300 WORDS FOR 5$ AND FOR 1000 THEY CHARGED 20-25$
But still noone would want to hire me. Why god why?:((

STOP making duplicate posts- another was just noticed and is now in the Ranting Pot. I glanced at your gigs they didn’t look bad. If your attitude was better, I might have ordered. You are currently way too impatient, not musings all tips given, and too busy writing posts to gripe when you could be working even harder at sales. If you keep posting on the same topic, your forum privileges will be limited.

`Thanks, And ill try to become better.


It was 6 weeks before I received my first order. Hang in there! Don’t put it all in one basket.

(I need to make money because i’m poor and I’m at highschool
Change this to something professional

I did change it,