Why "High Rating" is first page in any catagory?


If any buyer select a category, He will see “high rating” Gig first. What about new gig and seller? If any buyer needs an experience one than he will click on “high rating”. The top sellers find 10-15 works at once! But the new sellers find nothing! So I suggest and request to show “New” gigs at First.

Thanks for read.


Actually the “Recommended” category is shown first.

“Recommended” shows a mixture of new and established gigs, so it seems fair to me!


No, anyone can choose to search other sellers. On the left side of the page, people can search only New, or Level 1 or Level 2.

There is also a “high rating” “recommended” and “New” so there are buyers who like to buy from New sellers so they select that tab to search the new buyers and new gigs.

It just takes time to get a few sales to get things going.


Beeing in a role of Fiverr seller I must say that when you’re looking with your buyer’s eyes it’s all about experienced sellers and you just don’t come into their focus. But on the other hand writing this post I’ve got an order :slight_smile: So, well, I trust Fiverr, they work there it seems and they work for me. Or may be it’s just that I’ve got Landing Pages Templates services - they are in demand, don’t know, but Fiverr still is getting my gratitude! Love it(I’m ukrainian refugee and Fiverr saves my life literally, second time already, I’ve translated in winter, but lost my account), kisses Fiverr!


Reply to @valanne: yep, recommended category is shown first for me too!


Reply to @valanne: But It does not showing in First page. Is fiverr only for top rated seller? I am confuse


is the “high rating” button still there? I couldn’t find it.


I don’t know, all I know is my main gig isn’t even close to being on the first page anymore. 2 years of hard work down the drain :disappointed: