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Why hire an editor if you aren't going to accept their edits?


I just refunded a $5 order because it wasn’t worth my time explaining every single edit to the buyer, not like they gave me the chance.

I edited a document for them, and they soon sent a refund request. Apparently they thought their original broken English was proper and my edits were wrong. So…why did they hire an editor?

I changed “a beautify design” to what it should have been, “a beautiful design” and they said it made no sense.

Hello, you don’t speak the language. Isn’t that why you hired me?

Oh well :joy:


I guess he/she was from 1860-1880. :stuck_out_tongue: So he/she said it made no sense. :wink:


It is one of the great mysteries of the world.
There are the buyers who speak no English who query every line and there are the buyers who are highly proficient in the language and they accept everything without question!
That said, I seldom have that type of issue any more since I increased my minimum price to $10 (increasing the word count too obviously).


I bet he will use your edits but didn’t feel like spending $5.


I love those people. I don’t often get to be all high and mighty, but really, you misspelled “minute” and couldn’t even be bothered to use the built-in spellcheck. You are NOT in a position to question me.


Once I had a client that spoke in broken English. He/she said please change the “Spilling Error” instead of “Spelling” and of course, he/she had a lot of errors, but this was the funniest one.


It’s amazing what sellers have to go through sometimes :smile: