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Why I am Afraid To Take A Day Off

Hi guys, Hope you’re all doing well.

If you have some time, please feel free to listen to the problem I’m having, and if you feel experienced enough or have been in a similar situation before, your response and suggestions are welcome to help anyone else in the community with the same issue. :slight_smile:

So I joined Fiverr January 2020 and set up my own gigs. After a little experimenting I finally found the gig descriptions and titles that work best. Since then, my gigs REALLY took off.

I was getting more gigs than I could possibly handle, and even when I raised my prices they kept flooding in, despite the fact that I only had a handful of reviews and No Seller Level.

I don’t want to give away my exact numbers, but the four gigs I had set up were receiving thousands of impressions with a very healthy conversion rate.

But once I needed to catch up on orders and take some time off, so I temporarily multiplied my prices assuming that nobody would order at the new prices, which would give me a little rest.

It ended up taking just shy of two weeks for me to finish, as well as take some time to myself. This meant two weeks with no orders, so my conversion rate went down.

Towards the end of the two weeks, however, my impressions literally crashed. This was around the 27th February, I thought that when I changed my prices and got some orders things would improve again.

After some more orders from repeat buyers and a boost to the conversion rate, things still hadn’t changed. In fact, since then, it has gotten worse.

Now I am down to < 100 impressions per 7 days for my gigs.

So my question is, does any of you more experienced sellers have any advice or tips on how to recover my statistics again?

The initial surge in statistics lasted for weeks upon weeks, so it was more than just the initial boost that new sellers get.

Thank you in advance for any responses, I am grateful for your feedback.

All the best to every seller on the platform. :slightly_smiling_face:



You are a genius!!! Thats a brilliant tip! Thank you! Ps: yes, the same with me. When I take days off, and then come back - I have low conversion and have no orders for 10 days or smth like that. It’s frustrating, true.

This is probably not related to your prices or even your specific gig. Starting about a year ago (IIRC) Fiverr started boosting gig impressions for all new sellers to give them a head start. What probably happened is that the honeymoon is now over. The forum is full of similar cases.

Just in case you haven’t set this up yet: There is a way to limit the number of orders you have in your queue at a time, so that you will not be overburdened with too much to do at once. I know this doesn’t fix your current situation, but if you can recover, this might help prevent the overload so that you won’t have to double your prices.