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Why i am get the warning ,?

i did not say anyone to share your details, but fiverr send me the first warning and I lose my level also, I am feeling like a fool. because I do not ask anyone to share details, I just ask for only login details of the WordPress or hosting.

can anyone guide me , how to maintain this things?

Thanks ,

How exactly did you ask for those login details?
Most likely you didn’t properly explain what you need and why you need it.

PS. You don’t need to ask for login details anyway and it’s a poor practice to share credentials with the client.

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thanks for your reply . but how can i get the login details of the WordPress site ?

Customer will create the account for you and there’s nothing wrong sharing the login details.
You probably asked for email address or provided yours.

actually , few days ago a customer open a dispute about this . i said provide me the login details of the WordPress , i do not know , but may be because of this it is happened.

but ,may i loss the level of mine.?


Yes, that could be a reason.
You should talk to the client to figure out why the dispute was opened.

There’s more to the story than you’re telling us. You need to figure this out on your own.

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I can give you an advice. Fiverr really only cares about the buyer. As long as there will be no issues with the buyer you will not have problems. I am sure u shared similar info in the past as well and nothing happened. Remember if the CS steps in for whatever reason on behalf of the buyer you are screwed remember that. No matter the reason.

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