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Why i am getting offline after 20-30 minutes (I am guessing the time here not sure)


I am new to fiverr, So what i do, when i ever i am free i open fiverr in one window in my browser and keep on doing what ever i am doing in the next video. The reason i do this, because if some body message me i can reply to that person.
But i notice if i am on the fiverr window i just turn me offline, it kinda weird because i should be online.
Can any body tell me how to remain online if i had fiverr open in the next window.
one thing i dont want to be online for 24 hours it is not feasable for me, i only want to remain online if i have fiverr open in one of my browser window. so that i can reply people.
Hope i am clear enough, i am very new and have no sale, that understandable but i think if i am online i can get some sale.

should i use plug in like auto refresher