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Why I am getting Offline automatically after 10 or 20 minute?

Hello guys? Please help me. I am getting offline after 10 or 20 miniute. but I am online. This is so annoying. If I can’t solve this problem then I think I won’t get any order. Is there any permanent solution to solve this problem. :thinking::cry::sob::frowning::anguished:

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You’re lucky! It’s 5-minutes for me.

Sadly, there is nothing you can do but use the app to sign in and stay signed in.

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I don’t know why, mine is constantly online.

There is nothing stopping prospective buyers from placing orders with you when your status indicates that you are offline (provided you respond to your customers’ messages in a reasonably good amount of time).

The reasoning/argument that a buyer is more inclined to place an order with someone who is online rather than with someone who is offline is debatable.


Please Don’t use any third party trick and tools. it is fiverr system to determine who is active user, so buyer can contact sellers and get reply instantly…

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Not really. Online gigs appear higher in searches than offline gigs.


Thank you so much all of my Fiverr mate… :heart:

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