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Why i am getting order very slowly?how we remove a bad review


hello,every one i am new seller i am always doing my best for all my buyer some person cheat me first give me order when i delivered the order he will give me very very bad review and give me one star tell me please what can i do now…??? last 20 days i have no work


I have similar experience, some bad buyer suddenly order from me , without providing me with detail and whatsoever…, and dissapear.
Suddenly, appear on the last day with 1 start reviews…,

Still, You should give a feed back for the 1 star reviews.
Give potential buyer facts! What is actually happend with this reviews.
Never give an “ANGRY” feedback to negative reviews, It will make you looks unprofessional.


Hi,i used to be level 1 seller and I thought would be soon prompted to level 2 seller.but on the Eve. Of st levels day.i got 2 negative reviews and I got demoted to level my ratings went down to 4.7 from 4.9.but still I am getting my orders like before .I demoted to level thing is that believe in yourself.orders will comes.