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Why I am having this problem again and over again

guys help me

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Are you using auto refresher?


When I used auto refresher on my computer to get jobs as a substitute teacher I got this message often. When I deleted the app, the issue went away.


No, I did not use an auto refresher

Buddy I did not use any auto refresher

When a client is replying me and sometimes I don’t receive the messages instantly, so I keep refreshing the page manually and I get the same window box (except for all of the text below you got in your case)


Maybe not on the Fiverr site, but do you use it on other sites that are open while you are working on Fiverr? That was the problem I had. I used it on the substitute site and it affected my login into Fiverr.

clear browser cache data then login again your fiverr account.

I’ve noticed that comes up when someone attempts to share an invalid link here on the forums. For example, if you are attempting to share a URL that is not permitted here, such as bit-ly.

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reinstalls your browser bro it will be fixed

yeah that’s true I also observed that