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Why I am not a level 1 seller?


Hi Friends,

I have a question regarding fiverr levels. I see that only 10 orders is required for being a level 1 seller and I have completed 35 orders and I have 26 reviews as well. You can checkout my gig here:

As you can see on my reviews that I mainly do custom orders since I provide high quality web designing. And My average selling price is $55 on fiverr. And I have completed orders of as much as $200 as well. I am attaching the snapshots of my earning to prove my point:) But I have not got my level one badge

I also have a positive rating of 96%.

So what do you think i should do now?

Contact fiverr support or wait for the 50th order to become a seller of level 2 directly :smiley:

Looking forward to your replies…




did you ever make level 1 seller?


no he skipped directly to level 2