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Why I am not able to upload pdf?


Hi there,
I need urgent help about pdf uploading . I can’t upload pdf file cause it shows error upload , There is not internet problem . It shows uploading and after completing it shows error.
Help me please .Screenshot_1 :weary::weary::weary:


What size is the pdf and what is the limit that Fiverr allows in this context?


pdf size 177 kb . but i don’t know what size fiverr really require ! if you know then tell me .


Seems like size might not be the issue here.

If you’ve opened a ticket with Customer Support, wait to hear back from them.

If you haven’t opened a ticket, contact and wait to hear back.

Good luck,


Thank you for your kind response . :blush:


Contact Here


Thank you bro :blush:


2 Suggestion :slight_smile:

No.1 :slight_smile: :

  • Try to save it on adobe pdf software and then test it out…

No.2 :smiley:

  • See if PDF not save , Use different software to save as normal PDF and re-upload it …

And Don’t forget following :

  • Internet Connection Necessary
  • Clean Browser Usage ( Clear Catch / Cookies and reset whole browser if required :slight_smile: )
  • Use Verious Browser if need…

If everything not works , then simply click here and send your inquiry :slight_smile:

Click Here ===> [Customer Support](


Thanks brother :slightly_smiling_face: