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Why i am not able to withdraw funds....PLEASE HELP ME!

Hello community,
So I am a new seller here on fiverr and recently i did my first ever transaction in Fiverr.
So i was very curious regarding my first transaction, so it was a total of only $4 that i tried to transfer onto my paypal account.
Actually in a few days i was about to get more funds into my Fiverr account but i still did this $4 transaction just to check weather everything is fine am i able to properly receive the money onto my paypal account or not. I was really very concerned about this.

So here you can see I did this transaction, I initiated the withdraw, but the withdraw wasn’t successful.

So as it was my first transaction i had to add my paypal account first and along with that i did all the other necessary things that was suppose to be done.
But unfortunately i didn’t received anything onto my paypal account.
So i then did my research and got to know that you have to change your Paypal account into a business account if you want to receive funds.
So i then did that also but still didn’t received any funds.

After sometime i did got a mail from fiverr that they have sent the $4 onto my paypal account but also on my fiverr’s earnings the {ALREADY WITHDRAWN} option wasn’t updated still it shows 0.
I also got a mail from paypal regarding transaction issue which i needed to resolve to get payments.
So here you can see this was shown to me on my paypal account.

They did restricted something so i did followed whatever I was told to do, they needed to verify some documents and only after that i would be able to receive funds again.
So this was the page that was shown to me…

So here as you can see its been 3 days i have already submitted every id and document proof but still it hasn’t resolved, it still says submitted, and other 2 option regarding verifying email address and bank account i am not able to do anything its only redirecting me to a blank page…

So i request all of you guys whoever has any sort of knowledge regarding this, please help me, i am really very concerned regarding this.
What should i do, should i contact paypal customer support if yes then how can i contact them as i don’t know the process and what should i address them. Please if anyone can help me it will be a great help…

Also currently I am facing another issue like i have some funds available for withdraw but all my payment options are greyed out.
Here you can see…

So what i think it is happening because of that $4 transaction which was initiated but still is not completed as you can see my withdrawn option is showing 0…
I am really very concerned and once again i request all of you guys if you do have any knowledge regarding this HELP ME…I am just literally so worried PLEASE HELP ME


Nobody willing to help me I dont know why, did i wrote something wrong or did any mistake or none of you guys have idea regarding this which ofcourse cant be possible…
I request to all of you PLEASE HELP ME…PLEASE… I BEG YOU GUYS…I am really very concerned pleaseee :sob: :cry: :sob: :cry:

This is personal paypal problem.
While is this Fiverr platform forum…,
I think you ask help from a wrong forum.
You should ask help from paypal CS.

Second case…,
“my withdrawn option is showing 0…”
It means that fiverr didn’t take your fund yet - “Available for Withdrawal” should be same.
If Fiverr already transfer your fund to paypal, then the withdrawn number changed.

If you think you are lost your money, try contact CS.
PS: Fiverr CS took 3-4 days to responds, so be patient.

To be honest it looks like a PayPal problem not fiverr.
We can’t tell you what to do in this case. PayPal
Obviously have a process for it and if something doesn’t work you can always reach out to their support. It’s not that difficult to find a “contact us” button on their website or in their app

Yes, definitely its a paypal problem but i just didn’t knew how to get in touch with them… Though did got the idea now I will contact them and explain everything…Hope to get some help from them

Regarding the second case my WITHDRAWN option is showing 0 and in my AVAILABLE FOR WITHDRAW it is showing the amount ( -4 ). It clearly means that the amount has been deducted from there, but since the transaction wasn’t complete and i didn’t got the money onto paypal, so in the withdrawn option it is showing 0…

And now when i am trying to withdraw more funds it is not allowing me since the previous withdraw wasn’t successful, all the withdraw options are greyed out and when i hover my mouse onto them it shows withdraw in progress, it clearly means the previous withdraw is still in progress not yet completed…

Also in the mail that i got from fiverr about the $4 that has been sent to my paypal, there it was written that suppose if i didn’t get the money, then after a month the amount will be again put into my fiverr account. So i am guessing on 27th of october if suppose i still couldn’t figure out how to resolve the issue the money will be sent back to my fiverr account again…

Let’s hope for the best

Sir offcourse it’s PayPal problem but I am suffering from same problem but when I try to withdraw my funds still showing your withdrawal in progress and not able to withdraw your funds

yeahhhh you have to wait for that amount to come back again on fiver as the withdraw wasn’t successful, in my case the same issue i have to wait till 27th of OCT so that amount which i withdraw will come back again to fiverr from paypal and after that you will be allowed to withdraw again…
I have decided to not use paypal again instead i will use bank transfer this time till when i will be allowed to withdraw. I also tried to contact paypal customer support but they are also not replying or maybe delaying because of this pandemic, so its better that i don’t use paypal if its not working for me…

And don’t worry your amount will also come back again to your fiverr if the withdraw wasn’t successful just you need to wait till a month…

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But sir already my limited PayPal account refunded the money to fiverr but in my fiver account there not showing the balance and also not able to withdraw more

Then you should contact with fiverr support, explain them the whole situation, i hope your issue gets resolved.
ALL the best

No response from the support