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Why i am not geting orders?

i get 4 order on fiverr. now i am not geting any order ? can anyone tell me how to get an order ?

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Yes I need same help also. how can i get more orders and how to level up my sell??

Wrong question.

Ask yourself, why should you be getting orders instead.
There are 50,000 logo design gigs on Fiverr; why should people choose you?
Make your gigs look better, explain your service better, do extra things that others don’t do etc.
Getting orders is not easy and not everyone on Fiverr gets orders. Sometimes people get lucky but mostly, people work very hard to get orders, not just work hard on the orders they get.


Every day, same question gets asked. Every time it’s basically because no one wants what you are selling. Something is wrong with the gig.

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