Why I am not getting an order in fiverr marketplace


Hello fiverr senior,
Please help me. I am continuously trying 3 month but did not get an order in fiverr. Any tips please Why i am not ??


Same here . facing the same problem . :disappointed_relieved:


You say that you are trying to obtain orders. What actions are you taking as you try to earn your orders?


Thanks for replay. I am daily sending 10 buyer request according to my expertise. And also Marketing my gigs different social media site like google plus, twtter, linkedin, facebook fiverr group etc.
my gig url 1. : https://www.fiverr.com/dolarfive/design-a-professional-cv-resume-or-portfolio
2. https://www.fiverr.com/dolarfive/convert-psd-to-html-responsive-website
3. https://www.fiverr.com/dolarfive/design-a-creative-and-stunning-website

please check my gig if you have available time.


so sad yeer. It’s big problem for beginner.



No need to worry :slight_smile:

Here are two things that can benefit you a lot. Try it.

  1. You can send 10 offers to the buyers through buyer request section in 24 hours. Read carefully the buyers’ requirements then send the offers to buyers. I would like to recommend you that always give special discount to buyers as you are a new seller. Try to ensure their trust through your valuable words. It is too hard to trust new sellers for buyers. If you still not getting orders no worry in such a way you will get views and clicks.

  2. Share your GIG’s on the social media groups that have a huge amount of members like FaceBook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, etc. It will help you a lot in increasing your GIG’s impressions, clicks and views, resultantly your GIG will visible among thousands of users and also boost in ranking too.

I would also recommend you to do some changes in GIG.

Like GIG image, tags, description, less the prices.

Thank you, if you still need any help, I am with you all, feel free to contact me.


Me checking your gigs is not going to make them successful. YOU are responsible for building your own success and reputation through the actions YOU take. It is not my responsibility (or anyone else for that matter) to “check your gigs” and magically make them successful/popular.


So you are sending buyer’s request etc, that’s good, I believe that is a good start.

Problem is though, I checked some of your gigs ( your resume/website one) and
I don’t see a single sample image. How can buyers tell what kind of skill you have?
You need to check your competitors ( the popular ones) and see how they are presenting their work.