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Why i am not getting any impressions

I see a drop in my impressions instead of having some successfull previous completed orders.

Here is a link

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Check to see if you have stop what you previously did when you had an increase in gig impression.

Do you send more buyer requests as before? or do you promote your gig as before?

If you can’t answer any of the two, I suggest you fix that area as soon as possible.

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i havent done anything new which can affect my gig, i dont frequently get orders. i dont know what has happened.

also i have replied to every query i receive, but there is a drop in the response rate percent.

Please suggest me what should i do

The response rate can affect your gig ranking.

Try to stay active online and reply to every message before 24 hours to improve your response rate.

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yes, i understand that but i have replied to every message i received and that too within 2 hours

Do you check your spam message box to see if you have any message in it? That can also cause drop in response rate if you reply it.

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I just checked that but there is no such message, and i have replied to every message i recieved since the begining of this gig