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Why i am not getting any message or order?

From last few weeks i am not getting any new messages or Order.

Can anyone help me with that issue.

I need fix anything if i have done any wrong


I would suggest taking a look at the “Tips for Sellers” category in the Fiverr Forum! There’s since tips and info on how to get more sales there and how to improve your gig! I hope this helps!

Also you should probably move your post to the “Improve My Gig” category!


Thanks For suggestion…Link would be appreciated more.

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I’m sorry, but I haven’t gotten a single order since registering in august, so please don’t play victim… “last few weeks”… gosh. Have some patience…


Here’s the link

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Getting 1st order is one thing…But continuous thing…That is another thing…

You will get upset…when you are going to get order…But suddenly it will stop…thats why…i am worried little bit.

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