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Why I am not getting any order or first order?

Hi, I am a professional web designer and developer. I have signed up here in March 2017. That means I have not got my first order though I am here for two months. Can anyone please see my profile and gigs and recommend me if anything I need to change to get an order. Please do this favor for me. I am extremely in need of orders.

My gigs:

Send buyers request. And Tell them that you can do her/his job within 40-60 minutes.
Then they’ll contact you and you will show your job , if they setisfied they can order you.
Make your gig with extra services add.
Show buyers, why they order you? Why you special. What you offer?
In fiverr huge seller’s are waiting for orders. Why you are more special, describe your specialty in gig description.


Thank you for nice tips. I already got 2 orders in one day.

Good job man! Go ahead! :running_man::running_man:

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I think I saw the best tips in the whole Fiverr forum.

Just read your thread regarding not getting orders. As i’m new on Fiverr (4th Day) and I’m ACCA Qualified but after preparing my gigs once getting all the great tips still i’m not been able to grab any order. I want to know what changes you made at that time which helps you in getting orders…??? Thanks

Their fiverr account doesn’t exist anymore, so you probably won’t get a response.