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Why i am not getting any order please help me

I am in trouble from last month, i didn’t get any order .

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You have just 1 gig, and in maybe Fiverr’s top category (but also one of its most competitive).

If you search for “Logo Design,” you will see that not a single $5 gig shows on the first page of the results. That is your first and major problem. Fiverr doesn’t much like $5 anymore. $25 gets you in the hunt these days, and $50 may get you shown more. Most buyers will pay $25 for a logo they really like instead of $5 for something uninspiring anyway.

I would kindly suggest you take a hard look at your sample logos and decide if they’re worth $25 or $50. Then maybe go back to the drawing board.

Best of success to you.


also i have $20 my premium rate

yeah! you are right but i have recently joined fiverr so i am a basic seller.what should i do

To improve your Gigs Make a nice portfolio for your products and annex it to your description section. Try to stay online. Send buyer request everyday. Share your gigs on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Don’t be upset. @ibtasamsabir