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Why I am not getting any order?


Hi, I am an expert Wordpress developer. I got some front end related orders 6 months ago. About twenty days ago, I started to give wordpress related services and created two gigs. But I am not getting any order. Can you please suggest me what to do?


Promote your service to social networking sites
To find buyers


Thank you for the suggestion. I promote them on social medias but unfortunately I don’t get any result. Do you have more suggestions for me? It’ll be appreciated. Thank you again.


Though I am new in fiverr but my suggestion is “Be active. If possible, active 24/7. Share your gigs on social networks”


Increase promotion times


share you gig on social media and try to make sure your gig cover image as possible as attractive best wishes for you b​:+1::100:


That may be because your friends on social media don’t need your services. I bet, if you were connecting to your target customers instead, you’d make more sales. :wink:


Thank you all for your valuable suggestions. Can anyone please tell me any effective way of promoting gigs on social media???


Please closely look at your gig image, On this category there are many sellers who has eyecatching gig image.

Improve this.

And i suggest present your gig description professionally, not collection from somewhere


I will update the gig image. Can you please tell me how I can make my gig description better? I didn’t copy it from others.


Here are just a few things to consider

  • Remove “Expert in all aspects of WordPress blog creation”. It’s a rather bold statement to say you’re an expert in everything :slight_smile:
  • Don’t oversell. Get rid of promises like “Highly Secured” which you cannot promise. Remove “Powerful functionalities” and “Highly editable” which is debatable, especially if you’re offering Visual Composer. It’s one of the cheapest and worst page builders you can find. It’s not a selling point.
  • “I am available 24 hours” sounds desperate. Either you’re working in a team or you don’t have a personal life. If anyone would work 24/7 in my team I would fire them on the spot.
  • 100% satisfaction with unlimited revision. So you’re planning to work free forever because that’s exactly what it says. A professional developer doesn’t need more than 2-3 revisions. If you need more then you either don’t know what you’re doing or the client doesn’t know what they want.
  • You’re trying to sell Wordpress sites to agencies. What kind of agencies are you targeting with this image? Maybe you’ve missed the mark here.

It’s up to you if you take this feedback or not.


Thank you for this nice feedback. I will take it in consideration.


Maybe because you lack some basic patience. Take your time to promote your stuff, and upgrade your descriptions, titles, prices and photos, if you think that’d help.


Promote your gigs to social media sites.


If you’re a WordPress “expert” developer, wouldn’t SEO, marketing and promoting be a second nature to you; super easy for you to execute? I’m not trolling, just asking genuinely. It just blows my mind how an expert is asking random non-expert people on this subject for advice. That’s like a veteran MMA fighter to ask a Pizza chef how to fight. Ciao