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Why, I am not getting any order

Please help me…

Check my gig and give me some tip…

Why i am not getting order.

This is my gig:-


keep patience.if you increase your order and gig impressions and click.
Share your gig on social media. And remain active in Fiverr.
As well as the Fiverr forum.
Best wishes for you.
I hope you get successful soon


welcome to fiverr forum

believe in yourself you will get success soon :wink:


Some useful advices for success


@ayushshukla102 Someone yesterday posted exactly the same thing you just posted here. Either you had a gender change overnight - whilst moving country, or you are simply pasting rubbish whilst you pretend to be busy here in the forum in the stupid assumption that when some idiot told you that being active here would make you get sales in a totally different website you weren’t having your chain yanked.

@lead_iq_team Now to the second poster here, you will not likely get sales if you don’t have enough honor to realize that thread bombing is a scuzzy thing to do. If that is all the honor you have, I bet that shows in your Gigs too so no I won’t even look. You sell a thing you can’t even do for yourself. tut tut.

The above is not just me being mean, they are life lessons, practical advice on how to do better in business.

@developerwp360 To the OP:
Your video appears not to be you but a robot. Not a cool robot but one of those creepy ones that pretend to pass for a human voiceover. This puts me off big time. The video doesn’t really say much and is both Stock Image + Stock Voice so why have it? Same with all the other images, just formula that essentially makes it seem that you are style with no substance. This does not help build trust.

The final image is a real site. Good. That is what you need to show more of. It is clearly real (altho I am not sure all of her is :wink: ) You say you have made many sites, so show them. That is the best proof.

Your gig is basically you saying you are great then listing technobabble. Just like every other wannabe. I have worked in a real Web Design house, let me tell you we never led with lists of languages. We led with confidence that we could deliver results - largely by showing those results for other businesses and then how we could do that for this customer. We had geeks who did techy stuff - after I told them what to make - never before.

This section has to go completely:
Why You Choose ME:- ☆☆☆

  • Deadline Maintains
  • Best Quality Work
  • $ Back Guarantee
  • 100% Client satisfaction

All that says is that you are a pushover. You will get burned. over and over. Have confidence by proving that you know you get things right first time. Not 1,000 revisions later. Successful sellers offer few to no revisions. They get the right Brief and fill that. Offering money back is worse than that in that people will demand it just because you told them they could. This not only makes you weak but makes you look weak. You do not want these customers - ever.

You have FAQ which is great.

Generally English & Grammar is poor. Not terrible but a thing you could/should fix if you want to sell internationally. Sloppy writing looks make you good not buy messy yes. Not a great thing as words are all you have to set up an impression (just as you have an impression of me from my words and how I use them).

I think that if you can address your issues, that you can do well here. And hopefully, raise your prices as that are far too low for a) a stable income b) self-respect which equals respect from customers.



@benedictrm thank you so much :heart:


There’s no need to have a video on your gig, especially if it makes you feel less reliable. The main idea of a video is to connect with the customer, and in this case, both Benedict and I feel a disconnect to your offer. That’s not good. You could just speak yourself, even if English is not your first language.


Your gig looks fine. There are so many people doing what you are offering. Look at buyers request a lot and bid carefully.


Hi there please wheat approved fiverr

@teachernita thanks :heart:

Hope you get your order soon. :heart: :heart: :heart


@bitcoinwebsitem thanks …love you…bro :heart:

I apologise if I am too honest, perhaps even rude.

but that robot voice video is crazy. why do you have that?

I am also not a big fan of attractive women photos on gig images either. Especially when it is very clear that those images are not yours. I have nothing against attractive women photos, but just not on gig images. Also, you are not using images as per gig standards like image resolution.

The other gig images look super generic and dont look like you created them.

The English is just bad, both in gig images and also in the gig description. If you are struggling with English, then, keep the sentences simple and short. Allow your English to improve slowly over time.

For example, " * Deadline Maintains". I don’t get this? What is this supposed to mean? You have to remove such things.

I dont want to list out all the things you can do to improve your gig. There are enough threads on the forum. read them and improve.

hay developerwp360,
Your gig thumbnail is not attractive so much. Make an eye cache gig thumbnail. Don’t use robot voice. Try to make an audio of yourself. Some people give their photo on the gig thumbnail, if you are confident about it then try this. And the last tip is to be more active in Fiverr. I wish you will get orders very soon :slight_smile:

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Because your ranking is low and your gig not look like professonal.

Says the guy with 3/4 of an Instaham image with bunny ears?

Come on, @ayushshukla102 you are spamming the forum. This will not bring you business. It will however bring you anger as a result of the disrespect you show for the community seeing you think it is all just here for you to spam. This makes me less willing to consider using your services.



stay online be patient. continue skill development

some important tips for you.

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such a great tips for get more impressions and click to know more stay with forum

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stay online and stay connected with the community for tips and guidelines. keep learning essentials of the platform